FFBB's Role
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FFBB's Role

FFBB's logoThe French Fédération of BasketBall (FFBB) is an association created in 1932. Its headquarters are at 117, rue du Château des Rentiers, 75013 Paris. It was state-approved on the 1st of October 1971.

The aim of this association is to organise, manage and promote Basketball in France, to guide and supervise the activity of all associations or unions of associations interested in the practice of Basketball.

The FFBB is the official representative for Basket-ball in all dealings with the authorities and the national sports organisms and as such, it also represents France in international competitions. It also defends the moral and material interests of French Basket-ball.

The Federation aims at opening to everyone the practice of sports and physical activities and does not allow itself to discriminate in any way whatsoever. It ensures that its principles are always followed by its members and that the code of ethics in sports established by the French National Olympics and Sports Committee is never violated.
The Federation comprises clubs, registered members, as well as donors and benefactors registered as members by the Directing Committee.

It carries out the following missions:

  • promoting and using sports and physical activities with a view to educate,
  • enabling everyone to have access to the practice of sports and physical activities,
  • training and perfecting managers, educators, trainers and federal coaches,
  • organising and opening the practice of refereeing activities to all those practising the sport, especially the young,
  • preventing the violation of technical rules, of security rules, of supervision rules and of the code of ethics of the sport
  • delivering federal diplomas;
  • organising the medical supervision of its registered members,
  • promoting regional cooperation in sports activities thanks to its decentred organs in the overseas regions.
  • officially representing sportsmen and sportswomen in front of the leading authorities.

The means of action of the Federation are the following:

  • the organisation of all kinds of competitions between the affiliated associations or their members, the Departmental Committees and the Regional Leagues and the organisation of all local Basketball events. It also includes all selections of any kind.
  • the organisation of activities open to non registered persons,
  • the introduction of structures favouring dialogue between the various regions,
  • the publication of an official Bulletin and of any magazine dealing with Basketball,
  • the publication and the distribution of all documents and rules related to the practice of Basketball,
  • the holding of regular meetings, the organisation of courses, lectures, training sessions and exams,
  • the offer of moral and material support to its members.

Key numbers

  • In 2008, it included 455 117 members / licence holders
  • 4.408 clubs divided into
  • 24 regional leagues and 8 leagues in overseas regions
  • 95 departmental committees
Final Results
3rd Place
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